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Are You An Award Loser? Learn How to Become a Winner

Are You Frustrated With Joining Design Awards and Competitions, SpendingYour Time and Effort Yet Always Getting Nothing?

If you have joined design awards and competitions but had never won anydesign awards, you might be questioning yourself whether if there are somethings going on behind the scenes, or if these competitions might be riggedetc. In some cases, there really are things going on and in some cases, you aremissing some important points.You have right to ask all these questions and hereare some of the rules you should follow in order to win an award your nextdesign competition entry, but before that lets discriminate internal andexternal factors of losing, and convert them into winning factorsinstead.External Factors of losing: You might be losing design awards becauseyou might be joining some unfair awards where the winners are already selectedeven before the competition begins. This is a common issue in some associationor government supported competitions where the winners are usually are from aclose circle of friends. If you feel that the design award or competition isrigged, it is rigged. Do not join competitions that require you to book a tableat gala-night for several thousands of euros. Do not join competitions that do notoffer any services. Do not join competitions where contact details are notpresent. Do not join awards where there are no promises.Another external factorthat you could avoid is to join awards that asks you to pay money after you winthe award, in order to claim your award. This happens in several ways: Youmight need to pay one or multiple of the following: The Gala-Night, TheExhibition, The Yearbook and even to claim that you are a winner, to use thelogo etc.It is strange to note that the famous and well known RedDot DesignAward and If Design Award are such competitions. You will be losing youropportunity of winning their awards if you do not pay these prestigious designcompetitions several thousand euros after results announced. Now, that you knowit, you might be more careful about what you are signing when joining awards.Iwill not go further into a discussion of how people get ripped of by someawards, but I will now provide some internal factors and suggestions, that youcould follow to increase your chances of winning any design awards and becomingsuccessful design award winners. Here are the rules of thumbs for winning adesign award.Inner factors of winning: Only the best entries wins designawards, but not only that, the entries should be both good and original.Remember that the jurors reputation is at stake when judging your entry,therefore competitions with better jury will be even harder to win. Make sureyou present unique and interesting projects.Clearly presented; if you have spenthours and hours for your project, your project deserves the same kind ofattention for the presentation. Make sure that your project is very clearlypresented to the jury. Spend your time in explaining the design and why it isdifferent from other designs. Remember that if they understand it better, theywill like it more.Describe your project without the following words:Innovative, Breakthrough, Incredible, Great, Best, Timeless etc. Your purposeis to explain your design in a clear manner, do not write as if you arepreparing an advertisement to the jury. The best way to advertise to the juryis to be clear and transparent about your work. But still, no need tellapparent drawbacks or defects if any.It is best to use photographs which showsthe design in a contextual way such as an action shot showing the product inuse, or a photography where your project, service etc is being used. Make surepeople in this photos are relevant audience for your design project and theylook happy or content for interacting with your product, service orproject.Mutliple Submissions; you can submit your designs into multiplecategories, i.e. if you have a product, it could win a packaging award orfunctionality award etc. You can even submit your project to same competition twiceor at different times especially if the jury changes annually, as differentjurors will have different aesthetic preferences.Make sure your are eligible,many people lose design competitions because their submission is indeedineligible. For instance including your logo or name in the design submissionor presentation is always a negative thing and should never be done as it isusually forbidden to have your logo in the presentation. You should use alsothe least amount of text you could to explain your design. Try to think how youwould be explaining your design if you would be given only 150 chars tocommunicate it. Make sure that people understand your design and its functionimmediately and easily. Include close-ups, details, schematics, section viewsetc as required.Design awards are not beauty contests, make sure that yourdesign is also functional and the function is clearly communicated. You did acrazy looking chair, so what? It is more important to make a crazy looking yetsuper ergonomic chair, that people enjoy. Work in this direction and do notsubmit art pieces to design competitions unless there is a category forthem.Quality of images are very important when joining design competitions thatrequires you to submit photos or images online as they cannot evaluate yourdesign by seeing it, visiting it or touching it. Therefore have your productsphotographed professionally, and have your projects rendered perfectly and thenjoin competitions. This is important also after the competition; press willalso require better images for publication.Description is really important,providing a description of your design will help the jury to understand itbetter, and thus evaluate it definitively more positive due to familiarityeffect. Remember, people will vote negatively if they do not understand yourdesign, they will just vote negatively.If you truly want to win a design award,join multiple competitions, there can be free and paid competitions; localawards, national prized and international design competitions. You will need abudget for participation fees and time for preparing presentation andsubmitting your design.If you do not want to loose a design competition, firstof all don't get eliminated. Read the entry instructions and termscarefully. In addition, why not ask some of your friends about how they reallythink about your entry, so that if they don't like it you might havetime to improve the presentation before submitting it to a design award.FinalTip: No matter which competition you are going to join, you can upload yourworks to A' Design Award to utilize their free preliminary checkingservice; this service gives your design a score between 0 to 10, and it is afree way to get 3rd party insights about your design before nominating it toany design awards or competitions.Exerpt:If you have joined design awards andcompetitions but had never won any design awards, you might be questioningyourself whether if there are some things going on behind the scenes, or ifthese competitions might be rigged etc. In some cases, there really are thingsgoing on and in some cases, you are missing some important points.You haveright to ask all these questions and here are some of the rules you shouldfollow in order to win an award your next design competition entry, but beforethat..

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